Martarni specializes in existing or pre-planned Hospitality businesses.

Need a swift evaluation of your business strengths and shortcomings?
By using Martarni you get honest and direct answers without the run around. We know in hospitality that days are measured in $, so don’t waste your days; call Martarni now and get some answers.

Business profitability declining!
Experiencing a downturn in profit? Go Back to basics and re-build your core business, there is no answer in “being all things to all”, as you will be the master of none.

Poor customer satisfaction!
If the customer is always right, your failure to secure repeat business should be telling you something! Satisfied are they Not! You have a major problem. Failure to secure repeat business is a complete waste of your marketing budget, failing to address customer care is fatal.

Failing to achieve market share?
Why are your competitors doing better than you? Why are you the last to fill? Why are you never “sold out” on Wotif? If your property is in good condition, your staff are effective but you are still missing out on the cream? Then your product is being misrepresented.

Communication and motivational issues!
Communication & Motivation starts at the TOP and filters down through your organization. If there is breakdown anywhere in the chain, it becomes ineffective. Left hand and right don’t know what’s going on. This knock on effect from staff to your customers is hurting your business and confusing your customers. Effective team play and flawless communication lie at the heart of any successful business.

Management selection!
Have you got the right person in the right job? A flawed appointment can be detrimental for your business. An ineffective management style will be evident early, listen to the warning signs, find the issue fast, resolve it and move forward.

Operational issues and you need an outsider to restore the status-quo!
Believe it or not, an “outsider” will get more from a dissatisfied staff group than someone employed by the company. When the team doesn’t want to play by your rules or a mutiny has just taken place, don’t send in one of your own, they will not get past the first battle let alone win the war. Martarni has been through those war zones and knows how to get the desired result without losing the troops or the integrity of your business.

Relief Management

Project Management