Project Management

Looking at a change in management?

Just brought an existing business?

About to build the latest addition to your portfolio?

With over 25 years in managing Hotels Resorts and Tourism Ventures for both individuals and
companies, you could say we have learnt a thing or two!!!

We have established new properties, we have refurbished existing properties and we have prepared properties ready for sale.


Project Management is specific, and it often takes someone with firsthand experience to identify potential areas of concern. The earlier these
can be identified and managed, the better it is in long run and for the budget, as once the soft opening is a memory, you have no time (or money) to make changes.

We can manage a take-over without the in-fighting, we liaise between the incoming group and outgoing group, to ensure the Hotel is ready for Business once the keys have been signed over. At the same time we can offer a full review of the capabilities of the key staff you are about to re-employ, thus saving time and money further down
the track.

A Project Manager can be objective and totally honest, without upsetting the status quo of the future business. When Martarni hand over the Keys to the incoming GM, we hand over a Hotel that is ready for business, the companies systems are in place, the staff have been recruited and inducted and soft-opening invites have been sent.

The Martarni Project team are true hospitality professionals, we have done this before, we talk your language and we deliver results.

Martarni’s ability to oversee and manage an entire project (from design through handover) is more cost effective for an owner than dividing these functions among several vendors.

All projects are priced on application.

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