Relief Management

Do you have plans in place for that ‘what if moment’?

Hospitality is an ever changing and challenging world and that’s why we love it. Everyday we prepare, we welcome, we serve and we say goodbye, but what do you do when your business is hit buy that “I didn’t see that one coming” moment.

Having worked through a number of those moments Martarni has the hands on experience and industry knowledge to manage a property through a transition or crisis management but most importantly provide a continuation of the business itself.

At Martarni we have worked with a number of PMS & POS systems, we know our way around channel managers and can work to an achievable budget. Given that your staff are your greatest asset (and expense) Martarni has the experience to focus on operational efficiency as well as the
continuation of a healthy staff environment.

So if your GM has had an accident, been asked to vacate their post or illness has hit, keep Martarni’s contact details handy because that ‘what if moment’ could be closer
than you think.

Motel Owners or Hotel Owner Operators.

When the thought of getting up tomorrow, to go through the same daily grind, is the last thing you think about before you turn the light off at night, then you know it’s time to book that holiday and get away.

But what do you do about the business?
Who do you get into look after your stake holding?
Is there anyone who can do what you do on a daily basis?

Relax because here at Martarni we have what it takes to cover all aspects of your business.
As New Zealand’s #1 Hospitality Solutions Company we are confident that after talking to us, the next question you will be asking is “where are we going to go on our holiday”.

With experienced professionals who can cover both Front & Back of House we really do have the solution for you, so drop us a line or call Andrew on 022 680 8859.

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